The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & Colbert Report

HD Production Workflow & Support

When NEP Studios needed to migrate The Daily Show and The Colbert Report broadcast operations to HD, Control Group reengineered their workflow and built new infrastructure to support HD asset creation, storage, and multi-platform distribution.

Without disrupting show production, we delivered new video, graphics, and rendering platforms with supporting operational workflows. This allows each show to handle hundreds of terabytes of content to deliver each day’s broadcast efficiently and reliably. We also designed and integrated a data-sharing platform that increased efficiency while still maintaining their security standards. And we continue to provide full support of the Daily Show and Colbert Report’s IT to ensure the laughs continue without disruption.

CG + Media & Entertainment

With massive files sizes, multi-terabyte storage and asset management needs, distributed teams, and tight schedules, Media & Entertainment firms and their production agencies require scalable and reliable high-performance IT systems to support their daily workflow. By working with the best in the business over the last decade, Control Group understands the unique needs of media production studios. We build, integrate, and maintain the systems that power both creativity and delivery.

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