Pronia Medical Systems

HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Infrastructure & Application

Pronia’s process for deploying and configuring infrastructure for a prospective client took anywhere from 1 to 3 months, due to long lead times for provisioning and configuring hardware and working with client IT staff on installation. As Pronia looked for alternative solutions, the time and cost benefits of migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) were obvious, although concerns about HIPAA compliance required further evaluation.

We worked with Pronia to assess their existing systems to determine the feasibility of an AWS cloud solution. The security and integrity benefits of AWS provided an excellent platform. We created a rapid deployment, production-ready trial environment leveraging data encryption and testable and repeatable code. This allows Pronia to deploy trial environments within hours with just few simple commands. In addition, Control Group provided a fully-managed cloud environment under a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) to maintain compliance under HIPAA regulations.

Pronia now has a highly-scalable, stable, HIPAA-compliant AWS-based production footprint from which to launch new hospital implementations. The new system provides a high degree of control over security, role, and user management in full compliance with HIPAA.

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