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Airport Concierge

What’s worse than sitting in traffic on the way to the airport, then having to wait in massive security lines? Getting through all that just to find there’s nothing good to eat and no outlets to plug into before you get locked in an enclosed capsule for a few hours. OTG Management set out to change all that by transforming the airport terminal experience and their business.

OTG Management asked Control Group to design, build, and implement an extensive interactive experience to help them increase their revenue and extend the reach of their award-winning restaurants as part of their reinvention of the gate terminals at LaGuardia, JFK, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, and Toronto airports. Based on ethnographic research and inspiration from the Apple retail store, we helped OTG Management deliver a platform that provides a relaxing and entertaining experience for travelers, allowing them to check their flight status, access Facebook and email, play games, and browse the open web securely. It also allows them to order food and sundries directly to their seats as they wait for their flights. This iPad-based system extends the reach of OTG Management’s restaurants and retail stores into hundreds of additional seats in the gate hold area, without having to ramp up operations.

"We're seeing a 15-20% revenue boost."
Rick Blatstein, CEO of OTG Management

Designed as a flexible service delivery framework, OTG plans to use to this platform to continuously innovate and grow their business–adding airports, restaurants, retail options, and other opportunities that will meet customer needs, differentiate their offering, and grow their revenue. OTG plans to deploy up to 10,000 iPads by the end of 2013.

Interested in working together? Please contact Charlie Miller at cmiller@controlgroup.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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