Signal Behavior

O’Reilly Media

Attendee Tracking at the Where Conference

With a highly technical and sophisticated audience, O’Reilly Media set out to create a provocative and interactive attendee experience at their prestigious Where Conference event in San Francisco. In the spirit of the location conference, we built a wi-fi network to capture location patterns of (anonymous) attendees through their wifi-enabled devices’ unique identifiers in real-time. With this data, we displayed the types and concentration of devices in the room at any given moment. From this visualization, sponsors and attendees could view the most popular booths. We also open sourced the anonymized data and source code so that the conference attendees and O’Reilly community could develop their own visualizations and use-cases for the data.

Toby Boudreaux was a keynote speaker at the 2012 Where Conference. Check out his O’Reilly interview on the use-cases for capturing and analyzing mobile signals.

What the Mac?

It shouldn’t be surprising that there are a lot of radio signals floating in the ether around us. What’s surprising is that very little is done with it. So it got us thinking about a few possibilities.

Beyond the Event

Retailers, hotels, restaurants, and even municipalities, can use similar deployments to extrapolate customer preferences and behavior that can be used for target marketing and personalized experiences within a space.

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