New York City MTA

On The Go Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

Control Group partnered with the New York City MTA to develop new “On the Go” digital information kiosks that simplify wayfinding and communication for the largest public transit system in the Americas. Designed to deliver the most relevant information to the greatest number of people, the kiosks provide countdown to arrival, one-touch visual directions based on real-time train status, neighborhood maps, and context-relevant advertising. Over ninety installations are being placed at top New York City subway stations throughout 2014.

"It’s an interface that puts Google Maps to shame."

Fast Company, NYC Subways Deploy A Touch-Screen Network, Complete With Apps

The kiosks provide riders with all of the information they need to get where they’re going in the most efficient way possible. They also provide a source of sustainable ad revenue for the MTA to expand and improve its services. Furthermore, On the Go not only streamlines wayfinding and communication in one of the oldest transit systems, it ultimately helps modernize MTA infrastructure by creating an extensible digital platform for future innovation.

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