Next Generation Transit

New York City MTA

On The Go Interactive Wayfinding Kiosks

The New York City MTA has partnered with Control Group to create new digital touch-points that will deliver a better experience for daily commuters and visitors, as well as help the MTA develop innovative ad revenue models. The new On The Go interactive HD displays provide real-time information, including simple visual station directions with transfers and line alerts, countdown to train arrival, relevant service updates, and a digital content loop. Up to 90 new installations will be placed at top New York City subway stations that service more than 5 million riders each day.

You look at the map, you tap your intended destination, and the map will draw your route, including any transfers along the way. It’s an interface that puts Google Maps to shame.

Fast Company, NYC Subways Deploy A Touch-Screen Network, Complete With Apps

And with Qualcomm’s Gimbal technology, we’re set to revolutionize the transit experience by turning our network of wayfinding kiosks into underground proximity beacons that can broadcast real time, contextually-relevant information to riders’ phones, even in the absence of cellular and GPS signals. For commuters who opt-in, this will provide ground-breaking new interactions between riders, the MTA, and advertisers.

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