Kate Spade

A New In-Store Experience for a New Brand

Control Group worked with Kate Spade New York to create an entirely re-imagined retail environment for the launch of their new brand, Saturday. We designed and integrated a socially engineered digital experience that delivers high-quality content, such as images, videos, social network product sharing, and product specs, which encourage Saturday shoppers to dwell and interact with products.

"The Most Ambitious In-Store Retail iPad Integration We've Ever Seen"
Fast Company, More >

Saturday is a fresh, nimble brand with a startup mentality that wanted to launch with something they could grow and build on. We built a flexible iPad-based framework that accommodates additional devices, sensors, stores, countries, languages, and media as the brand expands and evolves. Our custom-built CMS also allows the central Marketing department in NYC to distribute consistent branded content globally, while allowing local employees to make nuanced changes based on real-time insights. The combination of print cost savings, local and real-time flexibility, and global branding control add up to an industry-leading signage innovation.

The Saturday shopper spends her life online. The new iPad touch-points are designed to bring her online experiences into the store seamlessly, encouraging more social shopping, providing easy access to product information, and ultimately increasing brand engagement. This will translate into a more rewarding relationship between Kate Spade Saturday and their customers.

Retail Everywhere 2014

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