Hear the MAC

Interactive Installation for Good

As part of Social Innovation Week in New York City, Control Group participated in the Feast on Good Conference, an event that gathered entrepreneurs, radicals, doers and thinkers to bring their talents to the table to make life better.

The Feast featured a special exhibition by Control Group that built on the “What the MAC” framework we developed in our R&D program earlier this year. However, rather than present data and interaction visually like we did at the O’Reilly Where Conference, attendee interaction was signified through sound. The more people interacted with their devices, the more intense the sound in the room became. As the density of people ebbed and flowed in the space, the sound fluctuated.

Our installation provided a profound example of how our devices connect us in ways we’re not even aware of through our senses. By bringing sound to the constant silent pings from our purses and pockets, we aimed to present a clear display of the network in which we are all unknowingly embedded.

Interested in working together? Please contact Max Oglesbee at moglesbee@controlgroup.com. We'd love to hear from you.

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