WPC Interactive Installation

For the World Petroleum Congress in Qatar, Chevron wanted a presence as differentiating, innovative, and prominent as their brand. Rather than rely on traditional booth installations and digital signage to compete for attendee attention, they wanted their space to be as engaging as it was informative.

Working with large-scale digital out-of-home (DOOH) screens, Control Group created a natural user interface (NUI) experience with Kinect cameras and custom developed software. Instead of consuming content passively, attendees were able to activate and interact with videos and animated graphics based on their proximity to the screens. This not only created a personalized, engaging experience for the attendees and sales team, it also made Chevron the star attraction in a crowded convention center.

User Experience Design

To optimize the experience of both the attendees and Chevron sales teams, we had to alleviate the interference from 70,000 people walking in and out of the booth from multiple entry points. To do this, we designed multiple zones of interaction. As an attendee got closer to the screens, he would activate different pieces of content depending on his proximity to the screen, enticing him to stay engaged. This made it easy for the sales teams to attract and interact with prospects.

Beyond the Booth

With so many screens vying for our attention at all times, interaction is fundamental for attracting and engaging customers. Sensor- based installations, like the one we built for Chevron, can also be used for delivering dynamic content in other high-traffic environments like retail shops, hotels, transportation hubs, and museums. Since humans are naturally curious, when they notice content that responds to them as they walk by, they tend to stop and engage. And since the interactions are initiated by natural movements and don’t require direct physical contact, these types of installations are designed to grab audience attention, even in a high-traffic space.

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