"Control Group’s employees not only love their work and the promise it holds to change the world, but their workplace for valuing their contributions."

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We’re obsessed with how things work, get inspired by change and simply love to build stuff. So we hire people and take on projects that let us do just that.

Control Group is always on the search for creative and fearless strategists, technologists and designers. We work across many verticals – creating infrastructure, platforms, products and experiences with a user-centered approach. We look for seasoned individuals who are going to bring experience and energy, while leaving ego at the door.

If you are at the top of your field or headed there, and are interested in working in a creative, challenging environment and want to make a real, lasting impact – drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

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Support Center Engineer

The engineer will provide support to clients on a variety of issues. The position includes: identifying, researching, and resolving technical problems; responding to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support; documenting, tracking and monitoring the problem to ensure a timely resolution. The successful candidate would display technical competency, business acumen, client advocacy, and a high level of commitment to achieving the goals and to the principles that guide the company.

Senior Technical Project Manager

The Senior Technical Project Manager will supervise project deployment activities in the field, organizing and planning te execution of physical work.

Android Developer

The Android Developer will develop Java Android applications for custom Android platform deployment.

Senior Security Resource (Networking)

The Senior Security Resource (Networking) will create a network to span from mobile devices connected wireless, through an internal network and out to the greater internet.

Senior Project Manager

The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for successful planning and implementation of projects to ensure objectives are accomplished within designated timeframes.

Marketing Communications Intern

Our intern will learn through on-the-job experience about marketing, communications, professional database management and data analytics, and work in our Lower Manhattan office 2 days each week.

Embedded Android Developer

The Embedded Android Developer will customize AOSP and develop Android applications for a mission-critical platform.

Design Technologist

Control Group is seeking a Design Technologist to develop special projects. The principal responsibility of a Design Technologist is to creatively apply the right technologies in the development of new and beautiful digital experiences. This team member will play a key role in the design, development, and deployment of software and hardware systems. An ideal candidate would feel comfortable drawing from an existing knowledge pool to learn new technologies and tools. Such a candidate would also be expected to adapt to an Agile software development methodology. Creative thinking and analytical capabilities are essential.

Field Engineer

We are looking for a friendly addition to our tech support team and work full-time onsite at one of our clients. As a Field Engineer, you will be part of the first line of support. It will be your job to assist and troubleshoot issues with our client onsite at their offices, log tickets in our ticketing system, answer support phone calls, and participate in a rotating on-call shift. Additionally, you will need to work cooperatively with the other CG onsite engineers at the client as well as back at our main office.

Strategic Consultant

We are looking for a Strategic Consultant to work as a part of a multidisciplinary team to solve complex business problems for clients that require both creative and analytical thinking.

Senior Security Resource (Software Development)

The Senior Security Resource (Software development) will be trusted to assist the developers in creating secure code. There will likely be many simultaneous smaller projects within the larger project development effort.

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