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Collaboration spaces and tools

As part of a major business refresh, Brookfield wanted to transform their new office space into a showcase for next generation, Class A commercial real estate in New York City and around the globe. They aligned workplace strategy, architecture, interior design, A/V, technology, and infrastructure together in a visionary approach to a new office buildout.

First, to support their transition from traditional technologies and cube-based workstations to state-of-the-art tools and collaborative open spaces, Control Group architected and implemented a core wifi network infrastructure to power it all. The new highly secure, scalable wireless network enables a more agile workspace and workforce.

With this in place, we built a Room Finder application that streamlines the process for finding and booking conference rooms via iPad kiosks or Outlook. The tool is integrated with Brookfield’s MS Office, Lync, and SharePoint systems to link all participants, documents, and video conference logistics to the meeting.

Once logged into the conference room via Outlook credentials or RFID badge (on road map), the video conference will automatically start and employees will have access to all relevant documents and information from a single InfoXchange Dashboard. The dashboard can then be used to track document changes and record meeting notes. When the meeting is over, all participants will have access to materials.

We also designed and built a 50 foot interactive digital wall that allows visitors to engage with information about the firm’s multiple offerings as soon as they step out of the elevator. Using motion sensors, we designed the experience based on presence detection– the more engaged a guest is with the wall, the more content she will see.

With Control Group’s help, Brookfield’s new office space was designed and built to support strong collaboration and knowledge sharing between employees and their stakeholders– a strategic competitive advantage that is critical to their business growth.

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