All of the Lights & Encore

An Audio-Visual Interaction Platform for Live Music Events

This project was born and raised right here in our R&D Program. The idea was to create a unique audio-visual-mobile-social experience. With a major live music event in mind, we set out to build a platform that would let the audience participate in the show. One of our Senior Developers, Chris Ross, brought the concept to life.

Chris created a Captive Portal, which gives any event space the ability to control the LWAN, divvy out IPs, and offer up reactionary content through web sockets. Here are the prototypes and use-cases he came up with:

All of the Lights

  • The audience appears on screen and is prompted to hold up cellphones
  • The band controls the timing and colors of the lights with a master “controller”
  • The audience cellphones change colors: some are green, some are blue, some red, etc.
  • Finally all cellphones go red and then the lights behind the band go red and so on...
  • “Social Engineering” will help keep the screens lit

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The Encore

  • For the encore, the band selects a few options for the audience to vote on
  • The audience votes by selecting the song they want to hear on their phones
  • The vote tally updates in real-time on their phones and on venue screens

We tried out the concept at our CG Holiday Party last year. Instead of a light show, each person’s phone became part of the “snow globe” by having a unique flake pattern pushed to their phones. Our guests were also able to send greetings that would appear in the flurry of flakes.

Interested in working together? Please contact Max Oglesbee at We'd love to hear from you.

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